IMPORTANT: Useful Treatments to Common Wounds

Health First Line Video Network
Release Date: 18-06-1411:26 Beijing Xinma Interactive Media Technology Co., Ltd.

First, shallow scratches:

If it is a very shallow scratch, the wound should be washed repeatedly with tap water or warm boiled water before iodophor is used to disinfect the scratch area. Then apply disinfectant 2-3 times a day.

Second, blunt force injuries:

If it is hit or punched by blunt force, the skin is not broken, but there is a bluish mass locally, that is, a small hematoma occurs under the skin; Generally do not handle the light ones. If the intestine, abdomen, waist, joints or brain are severely contused, it is better to go to hospital immediately.

Three, sharp cut:

If the skin is cut by knives, scissors, glass, etc., iodophor can be used to disinfect the wound to prevent infection. If your finger is cut, raise your hand and hold both sides of your finger root to stop bleeding. disinfect the cut area with iodophor or iodine and alcohol, and then wrap it with clean gauze.

Four, scalp injury:

If the wound is not large, the skin around the wound can be pressed to stop bleeding. Then shave or cut off the hair, thoroughly remove visible stolen goods and foreign bodies, etc., and apply disinfectant on and around the wound before bandaging; If the wound is large, it must be debrided and sutured in hospital.

Five, mild burns and scalds

For mild burns and scalds, immediately flush the injured part under tap water or soak it in cold water to reduce local temperature and reduce wound pain. The duration of this cold therapy is subject to pain relief. If it is a large area of severe burns or scalds, you must immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

Six, mild frostbite

If the limbs are slightly frostbitten, warm them quickly in warm water, which is generally not more than 40℃ to avoid scalding unconscious tissues. If the frozen time is too long, it is better not to unfreeze immediately. It should be kept dry after cleaning and protected with bandages or other things to make it warm and unfreeze. You can also apply some chilblain cream to frostbite. If frostbite is serious, it is better to go to the dermatological department of the hospital.

In addition, if there is a risk of tetanus infection due to open trauma, especially for those with deep wounds and serious pollution, it is better to go to the hospital and inject tetanus antitoxin for prevention.

Finally, I would like to remind families with children that in order to prevent trauma to children. Knives, scissors, thermos bottles and the like in the family must be kept out of reach of children. Children should also be taught not to play with sharp things and not to play and run with chopsticks, popsicles, candy bars and the like in their mouths to avoid accidental falls and injuries.