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DERMLIN® Wound Healing Series Products

Product Description

Dermlin® is a patented innovative wound healing dressing approved clinically by world-renowned clinicians for fast healing of skin wounds. Dermlin® takes bio-inductive inorganic formula as effective ingredients, which has significant effects of absorbing exudation from the wound, preventing secondary infection, stimulating a proliferation of the human epithelial cells, resulting in fast healing and less scar formation. Dermlin® wound healing series products are indicated for treatments and faster healing of the acute skin wounds caused by scraping, heat, burn, or incision, etc., and for the chronic skin wounds caused by diabetes and long-term bedsore.


Clinical Indication

Minor Injuries
(not requiring medical attention):

Acute Wounds:

Chronic Wounds:

- Cuts
- Scratches
- Scrapes  

- Abrasions
-Heat and Burns(not exceeding deep second degree)
- Traumatic Wounds
- Surgical Incisions

- Diabetic Foot Ulcers
- Venous Insufficiency Ulcers
- Pressure Ulcers
- Surgical Wounds 

November 16, 2006


November 23, 2006


Patient data:

   Age 33,   Male    

   - Skin bruise injury caused by traffic


   - For further treatment on fracture, the skin  

     wounds needs faster healing.


   - Remove scab, completely clean and disinfect  

     the wounds.

   - Apply Dermlin powder to the wounds once  

     daily,  covered by vaseline gauze.



Pressure ulcer

July 25, 2007


Patient data:

  - Age 57     Male

  - Pressure ulcer on the left back

  - Size: 15cm x 10cm     Depth: 4cm


  - Completely clean the wound

  - Apply Dermlin spray to the affected area

   once every other days, covered by vaseline gauze.



Diabetic Ulcer 

Nov. 16, 2005

Feb. 24, 2006

March 8, 2006

Patient data:

  - Age 76     Female

  - Diabetic foot, had been amputated one time

  - Further necrosis. The foot became swelling and black.


  - Remove necrotic part by surgery

  - Apply Dermlin powder to the wound and cover it by vaseline gauze once a day or two days. 





Types and Specifications