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Wound Care
Dermlin Wound Healing Series
  • Stop bleeding
  • Promote fast healing
  • Absorb exudation
  • Reduce scar formation
  • Prevent infection
  • Advanced wound care
  • Multiple forms and rich application

What is Dermlin

Dermlin wound healing series are indicated for the faster healing of the acute skin wounds caused by scraping, heat, burn, surgical incision, ect., and of the chronic wounds caused by diabetes and long-term bedsore.

Dermlin Wound healing series contain four forms, powder, paste, powder spray and dressing. The main ingredients of these four forms are the same, consisting of inorganic elements, like silicon, calcium. For technical and clinical sides, the four forms have no differences. While the different forms are only existed for commercial needs.

Form Specifications Packing Picture
Powder 1g 144 bottles / carton
Paste 5g 600 tubes / Carton
20g 360 tubes / Carton
Powder Spray 10ml 360 bottles / Carton
Dressing 4cm x 10cm 360 pieces / Carton
10cm x 10cm

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Mechanism of Action

Dermlin is a breakthrough invention in wound healing, totally different from current healing products.

Special composition:
inorganic elements such as calcium,
Actively stimulate the proliferation, differentiation
and migration of human epithelial cells
Promote healing
Stimulate the synthesis and secrection
of Fibrin (type II, III, IV collagen)
Promote the growth of
granulation tissue
The faster growth of type IV collagen can prevent
the breakthrough of type II, III collagen
Reduce the formation of scars
Special structure:
micron-scale particle with
nano-scale pores.
The specific surface area is 165 m2/g
Rapidly absorb the blood and exudation Stop bleeding and absorb
Strong adsorption power of bacteria.
Prevent infection
PH 8~9 Destroy the growth environment of bacteria Inhibit the bacteria

What wounds can be treated with Dermlin

Typical Wounds


diabetic ulcer


pressure ulcer




How to apply Dermlin


1.Remember to clean the wound thoroughly before reapplication of Dermlin.

2.It is suggested to use local anesthetic like Lidocaine on serious wounds before the application of Dermlin powder, or powder spray so as to relieve pain.

3.Cover wound for protection if necessary. Once using Dermlin powder or powder spray, please cover it by moisturizing dressing so as to make the wound moist. Once using Dermlin paste, or dressing, please cover it by common dressing since they already contain vaseline ingredients.

Where is the application

Dermlin is indicated for the fast healing of all kinds of open wounds. With wide application, it can cover most departments in hospital.

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