Osteobone bone repair material

Dr. Lee Chou
The Founder and CTO


is to provide excellent products to people with guaranteed quality and make the lives healthy and joyful.
- Dr. Lee Chou


Founded in 2003, Jiangsu Yenssen Biotech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in China focusing on research, development and production of advanced biotechnology in healthcare products. Over 20 years development, it has been a leading and fast-growing provider of medical devices with high quality in nation. Keeping with its focus on advanced biotechnology in human health products, Jiangsu Yenssen Biotech Co., Ltd. has assembled a world-leading research and development team, patented inventions for medical devices, and has established its reputation. The company has its own 3,000 square foot R&D lab, a fully equipped central inspection lab, and an over 45,000 square feet GMP standard production factory, as well as state of the art research, production and inspection equipment. At this time, the company has a line of approved medical device products on the market; mainly in the areas of bone defect repairing and wound care. All of these products possess own intellectual property rights. Three series of products, Dermlin™ for severe wound healing, Osteobone™ for bone defect repair, and Ulceloocin™ for recurrent oral ulcers, invented and produced by this company have now become the top brands of the fields. As of Feb. 2024, the company has contributed products to treat over sixteen-million patients with severe wounds and bone defects worldwide, particularly including donated the products for patients in developing countries, made significant impact of society and global health.

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R&D Capabilities

R&D Capabilities

At Jiangsu Yenssen Biotech Co., Ltd., we specialize in the research, development, and production of advanced biotechnology healthcare products. Our world-class research and development team has patented inventions for medical devices.

We have our own R&D lab, a central inspection lab, and a GMP standard production factory with state-of-the-art equipment. We offer a line of approved medical device products in the areas of bone defect repair and wound care.

We are a Chinese National Key Center for Class I, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ medical devices. We seek distributors both domestically and internationally and are committed to assisting them in completing local registrations and providing support in advertising and promotion.

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EN ISO 13485
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Chinese Patent For Dressing Material
Singapore Patent For Dressing Material
Russian Patent For Dressing Material
Pakistan Patent For Dressing Material
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