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Dermlin Wound Healing Dressing: Good News For Residual Wounds!

With the development of society, open fractures caused by modern high-speed tools, construction site...

With the development of society, open fractures caused by modern high-speed tools, construction site accidents, natural disasters and wars are increasing, which has become a common and frequent disease in traumatic orthopedics. Due to the thin coverage of most open fractures, high degree of wound contamination and poor regeneration of wound surface, the wound is prone to infection or tissue necrosis. In severe cases, local skin defects and corresponding joint dysfunction can be caused, and the treatment is difficult .The traditional dressing change method usually adopts the traditional dressing. The traditional dressing design concept in the past mainly acts as a barrier and absorbs the exudation of wound surface, thus promoting the drying and scab of wound surface. However, the dry wound can aggravate the nerve ending of the wound surface and aggravate the patient’s pain. Meanwhile, the traditional dressing can dehydrate the tissue cells of the wound surface and affect the growth of wound granulation and the regeneration of epithelium. Moreover, once the granulation tissue grows into the mesh of dressing, it will easily damage the newly formed granulation tissue when the dressing is pulled, leading to bacterial invasion, wound infection, fat liquefaction and other conditions, which will affect wound healing .  

Dermlin wound healing dressing is a new type of dressing product for the prevention and treatment of skin wound. The nanostructure design increases the surface area of the dressing, enhances the adsorption function and increases the bacteriostatic biological characteristics. It contains six kinds of inorganic elements, similar to inorganic elements in human body, which can better regulate wound cell function and wound healing environment. Currently, the clinical Dermlin wound healing dressing is mainly applied to the nursing care of some difficult wound healing, such as the burn wound , bedsore, diabetic ulcer and other diseases.

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