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Everything You Need To Know About Oral Ulcer Is Here!

Oral ulcer must have been experienced by everyone, but somehow there was one in the mouth, and that ...

Oral ulcer must have been experienced by everyone, but somehow there was one in the mouth, and that hurt! Oral ulcer is only caused by people, but it is usually caused by smoking, stress and anxiety, fruits with high acidity, internal friction in oral cavity, malnutrition and other reasons.   

You need to know that most oral ulcers are recurrent benign nuisances. For most people, oral ulcers will heal within two weeks. Acidic and spicy substances will aggravate oral ulcers. Any oral ulcer that has not healed within three weeks needs your attention!  

The standard oral ulcer usually appears on the inner cheek and lasts for about one week. It can heal itself without any treatment. Oral ulcer is divided into three types: large ulcer, small ulcer and herpetic ulcer.  
Herpetic ulcer: Herpetic ulcer is a subtype of oral ulcer, which is ulcer-like herpes. Small ulcer: The ulcer is about 2-8mm in size and will heal itself in about two weeks, with slight pain. Large ulcer: Large ulcer is slightly larger than small ulcer, has irregular shape, and is easier to penetrate into tissues.When it is good, it is likely to leave scars. Symptoms of large and small ulcers usually include one or more sores on cheeks, upper jaw, tongue and gum. Usually red or white round sores have irregular shapes.  
Some people will ask, is oral ulcer the precursor of oral canceration? Of course not! Oral ulcer and oral cancer are two different things!  
Oral ulcer has obvious pain, while oral cancer does not. Oral ulcer usually heals within two weeks, oral cancer does not, it will continue to split and spread; Plaque of oral cancer is coarser and harder. Oral cancer usually forms large red and white sores on the tongue and gum, but the sore of oral ulcer is not so big. When you have several ulcer wounds in your mouth, or the sore tends to spread, the duration exceeds 3 weeks. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital to find a doctor for diagnosis.  
There is no effective treatment for oral ulcer. We can reduce the degree of ulcer and avoid its aggravation by keeping the oral cavity clean and eating more vegetables and fruits.

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