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How to Deal with After Scald Which a Few

Everyone more or less experienced scald, scald is often encountered in life a kind of situation, a l...

Everyone more or less experienced scald, scald is often encountered in life a kind of situation, a lot of people do not know how to deal with the skin after scald, scald some misunderstanding, so the following small make up to introduce to you, skin scald emergency treatment method.  

How to deal with after scald  

1. Wash a wound with running water. Whatever the burn, we should lower the skin temperature to reduce further damage.The wound did not open and soaked for about 10 minutes.Open the words can not invade bubble, prevent infection.If the scalded area is too large, the whole body should soak in the bathtub.Use a towel and apply to areas that cannot be rinsed with water.
2. do not take off clothes in a hurry, so as not to tear the scalded blisters, you can first rinse water to cool down, and then carefully take off your clothes.
3. correctly handle blisters, if had blisters, burns to don’t break to specific issues specific analysis, generally don’t break, lest leave scar, but sometimes blisters or larger in the joints more easily frayed blisters is sterile needle, if blisters have been broken, is dry sterile swabs blisters around the flow of the liquid.
4. wrap up with gauze, scald place besmear some ointment, gauze wrap up, after a few days have no better look, better continue to apply some ointment.If infection is found in the wound, seek medical treatment.
5. protect the wound, scald should avoid direct sunlight, the wound after dressing do not touch water, scald parts do not too much activity, so as not to rub the wound and gauze, increase the healing time of the wound.
6. the treatment of third-degree scald, scald too serious, reach third-degree scald should be covered with clean gauze or exposure, and then quickly sent to the hospital for medical treatment, not on the wound smear drugs.  


Once the injury, scald injury skin surface layer, local mild swelling, no blisters, obvious pain, should immediately take off clothing socks, the wound into cold water immersion wash for half an hour, reoccupy sesame oil, vegetable oil wipe wound.
Second degree injury, scald is dermal injury, local swelling and pain, there are different sizes of blisters, large blisters can be used to sterilize acupuncture broken blisters edge water, apply scald cream bandaged, tight to moderate.
Third degree injury, scald is subcutaneous, fat, muscle, bone have injury, and showed gray or reddish brown, at this time, apply a clean cloth wrapped wound timely sent to the hospital.Must not be in the wound on the application of purple potion or cream drugs, affect the disease observation and treatment.
Severe injury, scald patients, in transit may appear shock or breathing, cardiac arrest, should be immediately artificial respiration or chest cardiac massage.When wounded person is vexed thirst, can give a few hot tea water or weak brine take, cannot drink a lot of boiled water inside short time absolutely, and bring about wounded person to appear cerebral oedema.  

Fire and water scald  

The principle of water and fire scald treatment is to remove heat source first, quickly leave the scene, with a variety of fire-fighting methods, such as water immersion, water drenching, rolling down on the spot, immediately take off the wet clothes or cut, drench water, soak the limbs in cold water, until the pain disappeared.Wet towel or sheet can also be used to cover the injury, and then spray cold water.Don’t break the blister.
Water and fire scald can be divided into 1 degree scald (erythema, skin turning red, and burning tingling sensation), 2 degree scald (blisters, blisters), 3 degree scald (necrotic, skin peeling).Minor scald to local lesser area, can be treated at home, after cleaning wound surface, can be coated with Beijing wanhong, meibao wetting burn cream.To large area scald, appropriate sends a hospital to treat as soon as possible. Scald wound treatment is the most important, first shave the injured area and its vicinity hair, cut off the long fingernails.Clean the healthy skin around the wound with soapy water and clean water, then scrub and disinfect with 0.1% new germicide or 75% alcohol.The wound is cleaned with isotonic saline to remove foreign bodies and dirt on the wound.Protect small blisters from damage, large blisters can be injected with an empty needle to extract blood bubbles, or cut in the low position to release blisters.The blister that has broken or pollution is more serious person, should cut off bubble skin, wound surface is rolled over gently with gauze, above cover a layer of liquid paraffin gauze or thin layer of vaseline oil gauze, additional layer of nonfat gauze and cotton pad, with bandage even pressure bandage.Scald still can use wrap up therapeutics, expose therapeutics to wait.
Scald often easy concurrent infection, reason appropriate adds with antibiotic, still can inject tetanus antitoxin.  

Myth after scald  

1. No pain after scalding means it’s not very hot On the contrary, the less painful the wound, the worse the injury.Because boiled water or open fire first damage to the skin epidermis, and then to the middle skin, pain nerve was destroyed you will not feel pain.So if you don’t feel any pain at all, it means that the burn may be serious enough to damage deep tissue and should be treated in a specialist.If it hurts a lot, don’t worry about it. It’s never as bad as your pain.
2. Apply soy sauce after burns After burn and scald cannot use soy sauce daub, first of all, soy sauce contains salt, will make wound cell dehydration contraction, aggravating the injury.Secondly, soy sauce is not sterile and can cause infection if not treated further.Thirdly, the dark brown of soy sauce covered the wound surface and affected the doctor’s judgment on the depth of the wound surface.After burn scald so, rinse with cold water, do not daub other material, if salad oil, soy sauce, clear cool oil, green ointment is waited a moment, should use the medicaments that burns scald effectively truly below doctor’s guidance to specialized subject hospital.
3. Break the blisters after burns It depends.The blisters formed by boiling water scald are sterile and the epidermis is not damaged. If the blisters are not large, they do not need to be broken. On the one hand, because the skin is kept intact, bacteria is not easy to invade and infection is not easy to occur.On the other hand, retaining the skin can protect the wound surface.However, if the blister is too large, the pain is obvious, and the egg white is likely to coagulate, then you should break the blister with a sterile needle stick, squeeze out the water in the blister, and cover the blister with the original skin.A better approach is to use a biological dressing, in which the necrotic epidermis is completely removed, cleaned and disinfected, and covered with a biological dressing, which greatly reduces the infection rate and reduces the pain of dressing change.
4. Rinse the wound with white wine after scalding Many people think that liquor has the function of disinfection, so it will be widely used after injury. If the skin of the wound is not broken, the alcohol in liquor evaporates and takes away heat, which has a certain cooling effect.If applied when the skin is broken, it will do no good to the wound. It will not only aggravate the pain, but also deepen the wound. If applied on a large scale, it may cause alcoholism through wound absorption.
5. Ice compress immediately after burns Heat can hurt your skin, and so can cold temperatures.Burn scald, damaged skin has lost the protection of the epidermis, can not directly ice compress, lest frostbite.Wash immediately with cool, flowing water for 30 minutes or until the pain stops.
6. Apply ointment immediately after burns Applying the ointment will allow the heat to coat the skin and continue to damage it.Immediately flush the water to cool down, is the correct way to deal with. Conclusion: when the occurrence of scald, there are a lot of people panic do not know how to deal with, some people will also fall into the error of dealing with burn scald, finally lead to infection, do not know how to deal with friends can look at the treatment method in the article, do not let their scald more serious.

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