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How To Deal With Open Wounds

Clean wounds using cold water. Compress the wounds using cleaning accessories to stop bleeding....

Clean wounds using cold water. Compress the wounds using cleaning accessories to stop bleeding. Iodophor is the most suitable choice for disinfectant, it is not necessary for small and clean wounds. Also, it is not necessary to use antibiotic ointment. For large wound, it needs to be covered by sterile dressings. For deep wound, sterile dressings are needed to be replaced regularly. Other potions must be prescribed.

1. Detailed progress

Trauma caused by shallow wound needs to be clean, can rinse the wound with cold water firstly.

shallow wound

Compress the wounds using a clean dressing for a small amount of bleeding. For a healthy people, it is able to stop bleeding for small wounds commonly. No need to use hemostatic powder, it may make the wound more difficult to clean up.  As a foreign body, it may increase the risk of the scar. Generally, it is no special benefits for healing. If cannot stop bleeding after compressed the wound for a period of time, ask a doctor for help.

small wounds

Next, you can with outward from the center. Some experts think, it is no need to use strong irritant disinfectant disinfection, but they support the opinion that using a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the wound.

disinfectant disinfection

Then,  such as sterile gauze or band-aid. For deep wound, sterile dressings are needed to be replaced regularly.  It is no need to replace the dressing, or even no need to cover the dressing for tiny wounds.

sterile gauze

After the wound scab, do not remove it.


2. Introduction of medicine

【Iodine】It needs to use alcohol deiodination after using Iodine. Otherwise, there will be significant corrosive. Usually, it is used in surgical disinfection. It is not suitable for the general wound treatment. 【Alcohol】It is pain when doing disinfection. 【Hydrogen peroxide】Commonly used in deep wound debridement, it has a better effect on anaerobic bacteria. However, deep wounds are recommended to the hospital for treatment. It may require debridement suture, and prevent tetanus. 【Iodophor】small corrosive, safe, not need to do deiodination, can be used for mucosa. Good choice.

Disinfection is unnecessary if the wound is clean. Using a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the wound is feasible. It can keep the wound clean and moist, isolated from the surrounding environment. Of course, with a layer of sterile dressings on the wound will be more secure.


3. Factors affecting wound healing

For common wounds, replace the dressing regularly, keep the wound clean, create a good self-repair external conditions. That is enough. It is no need for special drugs. However, for the wound does not heal for a long period of time or patients who may have infection require special dressings, like Dermlin. The main principle is to sterilize against infection and promote healing. Wound healing is closely related to a person's age and the basic health status. For those people which are elder or diabetes, they need the help of the drugs to speed up skin healing rates and promote cell division.

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wound healing dressing

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