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Simple Wound Treatment Equipments For Large & Small Wounds

Life at home, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of small accidents. Therefore, a simple ...

Life at home, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of small accidents. Therefore, a simple medicine cabinet is essential. What simple first aid items should be prepared at home? Family simple wound treatment equipment, including antibiotic ointment, dressing, artificial skin, band-aid, physiological saline, and then use as appropriate. The first step to treat the wound is to clean it. Use physiological saline to Photographic processing the wound, whether it is a knife wound, scald or fall. If the wound is shallow and not serious, apply antibiotic ointment to avoid infection and apply band-aid on the outside.

If the wound is serious, antibiotic ointment and artificial skin should be applied after cleaning. If there is a lot of exudate in the wound, special dressing should be used to absorb exudate and reduce the risk of wound infection. If the wound is complicated, difficult to handle, or inflamed, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.
After 3 to 4 days of treatment, if the wound does not improve, you should seek medical assistance. Diabetic patients, such as wounds, are often difficult to heal, so they must be more cautious in handling and pay attention to the changes of wounds. Many people think that the vicinity of the wound is dry, which is helpful for healing. In fact, it is slightly moist, which is helpful for wound cell repair. In addition, too many times of dressing change and too few times of dressing change will affect Wound healing.

If the wound is small and shallow, change the ointment and band-aid once a day, because excessive dressing change and disinfection of the wound will easily irritate the skin wound. Before dressing change, it is recommended to wet physiological saline with cotton swabs, wipe off the residual ointment, blood clots and secretions before dressing change.

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