How to deal with wound size?These simple wound treatments should always be available!

Home lives, unavoidably appear all sorts of small accident.So a simple medicine kit is essential.What simple first aid items should be prepared at home?Simple household wound management equipment, including antibiotic ointment, dressing, artificial skin, band-aid, physiological salt water, and then use as appropriate.The first step is to clean the wound. Wash the wound with saline water. If the wound is shallow and not serious, apply antibiotic ointment to avoid infection.
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If the wound is serious, after cleaning, still need to use antibiotic ointment, and then stick artificial skin;If there is a lot of exudate in the wound, special dressings should be used to absorb the exudate, reducing the risk of infection.If the wound is complex, difficult to treat, or inflamed, seek medical attention immediately.
If the wound does not improve after 3 to 4 days of treatment, seek medical help.Diabetes patients such as wound, often difficult to heal, treatment must be more careful, pay attention to the changes in the wound.
Many people think the area around the wound is dry, which helps heal, but in fact, it’s a little moist, which helps the wound cells repair more.In addition, the number of dressing changes and less than will affect wound healing.
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If the wound is small and shallow, change the ointment and band-aid once a day, because excessive dressing, disinfect the wound, but easy to irritate the skin wound.Before changing the dressing, it is recommended to wet the saline water with cotton swab and wipe away the remaining ointment, blood clots and secretions before changing the dressing.