Is oral cavity ulcer old bad?May be these 3 reasons, often eat 3 kinds of food, to help relieve ulcers

It is believed that everyone has experienced mouth sores, and in severe cases, even unable to eat.In the life besides accidentally bite cut lip, ate too excitant food outside, what reason still causes often oral cavity ulcer?

I. problems in immune function

If the body is immune dysfunction, the body will be attacked by external bacteria, may cause oral ulcers.In addition, most patients with oral ulcers also have varying degrees of diarrhea and constipation due to problems with the immune system.Common immune system diseases that can easily cause oral ulcer include behcet’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.

Want oneself to do not have oral ulcer, want to enhance oneself immunity above all, want immunity to become good only, oral ulcer just won’t relapse.

2. Sleep environment

The body detoxifies during sleep, and if you don’t sleep well, your liver’s ability to detoxify is disrupted, which can lead to an increase in toxins in your body.Once the person sleeps badly, the spirit of the next day won’t be very good, appear immunity drops thereby circumstance.So people who don’t sleep well often get canker sores.In fact, as long as not stay up late, to ensure a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, oral ulcer will soon be good.

Lack of necessary vitamins

Lack of vitamins, especially B vitamins, can affect body growth and can easily lead to mouth ulcers.Most canker sores are caused by vitamin B deficiency.Suggest the friend of oral cavity ulcer, notice at ordinary times compensatory vitamin, eat fruit and vegetable more.Such as the body does not lack these vitamins, oral ulcer natural good.

Although oral ulcer is not a serious disease, but our daily diet, communication caused discomfort.Many oral ulcers are recurrent and difficult to treat.In fact, oral ulcer and our diet have a lot of work and rest, in order to prevent oral ulcer, we can pay more attention to diet.

Usually, patients with oral ulcers can eat more of the following foods to relieve ulcers

1. Tomatoes

Eating more tomatoes can relieve canker sores.Tomato contains rich vitamin and nutrient composition, can squeeze tomato juice into juice, tomato juice is contained in the affected place in oral cavity, food can clean oral cavity for many times, antiseptic disinfection, promote wound to heal quickly.Have the friend of oral cavity ulcer, might as well try!

Second, the watermelon

Watermelon has clear heat detoxification, diuresis reduces the effect of heat.Long-term edible watermelon can prevent oral cavity ulcer effectively not only, still can compensatory vitamin and moisture, promote metabolism, enhance immunity.To the oral cavity ulcer that causes fire, watermelon juice has very tall remedial effect.Watermelon juice contained in the wound, several times a day, can alleviate pain, promote the rapid healing of oral ulcers.

Green bean and egg soup

Mung bean can clear heat detoxify, egg is rich in protein, mix both make mung bean egg flower soup, nutrition is more rich, facilitate human body to absorb.For people who often stay up late to eat spicy, oral ulcer is often appear, at this time if the consumption of mung bean egg soup, morning and evening, not only can clear the heat and go away, but also can timely relieve the pain of oral ulcer, help wound healing.

Tips: do not lick mouth ulcers, to adhere to the daily mouthwash, keep the mouth clean, prevent infection.

Everything you need to know about mouth ulcers is here!

Oral cavity ulcer had experienced surely everybody, indescribable had so one in the mouth, that aches!A reason for the oral ulcer, but usually because: smoking, stress and anxiety, high acidity of the fruit, oral internal friction, malnutrition and other causes.
You need to know: most oral sores are benign nuisances that recur repeatedly. For most people, oral sores heal within two weeks. Acid and spicy substances can aggravate oral sores.
A standard oral ulcer usually appears in the inner cheek, lasts about a week, and can heal itself without any treatment.Oral ulcers are classified into three types: large ulcers, small ulcers, and herpetic ulcers.
Herpetic ulcer: herpetic ulcer is a subtype of oral ulcer.Small ulcer: this ulcer is about 2-8 mm and will heal in about two weeks with mild pain.Large ulcers: large ulcers are slightly larger, irregularly shaped, and more easily infiltrate into the tissue than smaller ulcers. When they are well, they are likely to leave scars.Symptoms of large or small ulcers are usually one or more sores on the cheeks, upper jaw, tongue, and gums.It is usually a red or white round wound with an irregular shape.
Will someone ask, is canker of oral cavity ulcer the precursor that oral cavity cancerization changes?Of course not!Oral ulcer and oral cancer are two different things!
Oral ulcer will have obvious pain, and oral cancer is not;Oral ulcers usually heal within two weeks. Oral cancer does not.The plaque of oral cancer is rougher and harder;Oral cancer usually forms large red and white sores on the tongue, gums, and canker sores that are not so large.When you have several ulcers in your mouth, or sores that tend to spread over three weeks.This is the best time to go to the hospital to find a doctor for diagnosis.
Oral ulcer has no effective treatment, we can keep the mouth clean, eat more fruits and vegetables, to reduce the extent of ulcer, avoid its aggravation!

Be scald hind, the method that handles quickly, must see!

When cooking, sometimes oil inside accidentally into the water, will be splashed out of oil scald, believe that women in the early stage of cooking and I will have the same experience, was very painful after oil scald, generally I will use their own method to deal with, to prevent the scar hot

Treatment methods after injury include:

1. Immediately get rid of the heat source and wash the wound with running water for half an hour to reduce the temperature of the affected area and prevent further damage;

2. If there are blisters in the scald, do not remove the blister skin to avoid infection;

3, mild scald can be applied in the affected area scald cream, serious scald should be timely diagnosis and treatment to the hospital.For specific medication, please combine it with clinical practice and follow the doctor’s guidance.empyrosis

How to treat large and small wounds? These simple wound treatment equipment should be on standby!

Life at home, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of small accidents. Therefore, a simple medicine cabinet is essential. What simple first aid items should be prepared at home? Family simple wound treatment equipment, including antibiotic ointment, dressing, artificial skin, band-aid, physiological saline, and then use as appropriate. The first step to treat the wound is to clean and use physiological saline to Photographic processing the wound, whether it is a knife wound, scald or fall. If the wound is shallow and not serious, apply antibiotic ointment to avoid infection and apply band-aid on the outside.
Medicine cabinet

If the wound is serious, antibiotic ointment and artificial skin should be applied after cleaning. If there is a lot of exudate in the wound, special dressing should be used to absorb the exudate and reduce the risk of wound infection. If the wound is complicated, difficult to handle, or inflamed, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.
Adhesive bandage

After 3 to 4 days of treatment, if the wound does not improve, you should seek medical assistance. Diabetic patients, such as wounds, are often difficult to heal, so they must be more cautious in handling and pay attention to the changes of wounds.

Many people think that the vicinity of the wound is dry, which is helpful for healing. In fact, it is slightly moist, which is helpful for wound cell repair. In addition, too many times of dressing change and too few times of dressing change will affect Wound healing.
Medicine cabinet

If the wound is small and shallow, change the ointment and band-aid once a day, because excessive dressing change and disinfection of the wound will easily irritate the skin wound. Before dressing change, it is recommended to wet physiological saline with cotton swabs, wipe off the residual ointment, blood clots and secretions before dressing change.

Can I use band-aid if I have a wound? Reminder: These 5 kinds of wounds should not be used.

Life is hard to avoid some minor bumps and scratches. What will you do then, go to the hospital? You are sure to say, there is no need for such trouble, the necessary medicine in the home, a small band-aid all done. Indeed, band-aid is a very practical and convenient article for wound treatment. Although it is only a small strip-shaped adhesive tape, the middle of the adhesive tape is a gauze soaked with medicine, which has a very good hemostatic and wound protection effect. Therefore, it is also called “hemostatic medicine”. However, it is only suitable for wounds with shallow wounds, little bleeding, clean and neat wounds, and no need for sutures. However, there are several kinds of wounds that are not suitable for use. It is possible that they have not achieved the healing effect. On the contrary, they have resulted in wound infection and serious consequences. This is not alarmist talk. There is a bloody lesson. Some time ago, there was a little girl in Suzhou. Her parents used band-aid improperly to her, causing her to suffer amputation. So what kind of wounds can’t band-aid be used? Let’s let Xiaobian give you a specific introduction.

1, trauma flour big wounds

Wound flour large and small band-aid cannot completely cover the wound. The hemostatic effect is that the cotton wool inside is not good when the adhesive tape is applied to the wound. It is easy to infect the wound and cause allergic reaction. When replacing the band-aid, it is easy to tear the wound and affect the healing. Therefore, do not use band-aid for wounds that are large in flour.

2, infected with festering wounds

The wound is infected, with pus oozing out, and the wound has become red and swollen. Even if the wound is small, do not apply band-aid because band-aid does not have good water absorption and air permeability, and it is more likely to aggravate the infection. It is better to go to the hospital and have a professional doctor handle the bandage.

3. Burns and scalds

Burned and scalded wounds are different from scratched wounds. Blisters fester and yellow water flow in burns and scalded wounds. Band-Aids cannot be used at this time. The use of band-aids will only limit drainage of wound secretions, aggravate infection and make the wound more serious.

4. Wounds bitten or scratched by animals

If you are accidentally bitten or scratched by animals such as cats and dogs, you must not be careless. Don’t use Band-Aid casually. After sticking something, use soapy water to treat Photographic processing’s wound for 15 minutes. After treatment, don’t wrap it up and go to the hospital to get the disease vaccine in time. This is the right choice.

5. Injured by nails and iron plates.

Band-Aids cannot be directly applied to such wounds, because iron rust will be generated if these nails and blades are not handled properly, and rust will be stained on the wound. It is necessary to clean the wound first, then keep the wound exposed, and inject tetanus vaccine into the hospital in time.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the following:

When there is a wound, first look at whether there is dirt left in the wound. If there is dirt, you need to clean the wound with normal saline, wipe it dry, apply iodine, and then stick a band-aid on it. Another is to pay attention to protect the wound, after the band-aid, pay attention to avoid active bleeding, do not touch water, avoid pollution, do not often touch the wound with the hand. Finally, after the band-aid was applied, more attention was paid to observe the changes of the wound. If the pain of the wound became worse or exudates were found in 24 hours after the band-aid was applied, the wound should be opened for examination in time. If the wound became serious, the patient should go to the hospital in time.

Is oral ulcer old or not? May be the three reasons, often eat three kinds of food to help alleviate ulcers

I believe everyone has the experience of oral ulcer, and even can’t eat when it is serious. In addition to accidentally biting your lips and eating too stimulating food in your life, what causes frequent oral cavity ulcer?

First, the immune function problems

If immune dysfunction appears in the human body, the body will be attacked by external germs, which may lead to oral ulcer. In addition, due to problems in the immune system, most patients with oral ulcer have diarrhea and constipation to varying degrees. Common immune system diseases that easily cause oral ulcer include Behcet’s disease and systemic lupus erythematosus.

If you want to have no oral ulcer, you must first enhance your immunity. As long as your immunity improves, oral ulcer will not recur.

II. sleep environment

The body detoxifies during sleep. If sleep is not good, the liver detoxification function is hindered, which will lead to increased toxins in the body. Once a person does not sleep well, his spirit will not be very good the next day, resulting in the situation of decreased immunity. Therefore, people who do not sleep well often suffer from oral ulcer. In fact, as long as you don’t stay up late to ensure a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, oral ulcer will soon be cured.

3. Lack of necessary vitamins

If the human body lacks vitamins, especially vitamin B, it will cause the growth of the body to be affected and oral ulcer to be easily caused. Most oral ulcers are caused by vitamin B deficiency. It is suggested that friends with oral ulcer should take vitamin supplements and eat more fruits and vegetables. Such as the body does not lack these vitamins, oral ulcer will naturally be good.

Although oral ulcer is not a serious illness, it causes discomfort to our daily diet and communication. Many oral ulcers recur repeatedly and are difficult to treat. In fact, oral ulcer is closely related to our diet and rest. In order to prevent oral ulcer, we can pay more attention to diet.

Under normal circumstances, patients with oral ulcer can eat the following foods to relieve the ulcer.

I tomatoes

Eating more tomatoes can relieve oral ulcer. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and nutrients. They can be squeezed into juice, and the juice can be contained in the affected part of the oral cavity. Repeated consumption can clean the oral cavity, sterilize and disinfect, and promote rapid wound healing. Friends with oral ulcer may as well give it a try!

II. Watermelon

Watermelon has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, inducing diuresis and relieving summer heat. Long-term consumption of watermelon can not only effectively prevent oral ulcer, but also supplement vitamins and water, promote metabolism and enhance immunity. For oral ulcer caused by excessive internal heat, watermelon juice has high therapeutic effect. Contain watermelon juice at the wound for many times a day can relieve pain and promote rapid healing of oral ulcer.

III. Mung Bean Egg drop soup

Mung beans can clear away heat and toxic materials. Eggs are rich in protein. Mixing the two together to make mung bean Egg drop soup is more nutritious and easy for human body to absorb. For people who often stay up late to eat spicy food, oral ulcer is a frequent occurrence. If you eat mung bean Egg drop soup at this time, you can not only clear away heat and fire, but also relieve the pain of oral ulcer in time and help Wound healing.

Warm Tip: Do not lick oral ulcers, but stick to mouthwash everyday to keep your mouth clean and prevent infection.