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IMPORTANT: Useful Treatments To Common Wounds

IMPORTANT: Useful Treatments To Common Wounds


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1. Shallow abrasion

If it is a very shallow scratch, the wound should be repeatedly washed with tap water or warm water, and then use iodine volt to disinfect the scratch area.Then apply the disinfectant 2-3 times a day.  

2. Blunt impact 

If the skin is not broken by blunt force blow or punching, but there are local bluish and purple mass, namely subcutaneous small hematoma;Light generally do not deal with, if it is the intestines, abdomen, waist, joints or brain and other places to be more severe contusion, it is best to immediately go to the hospital for treatment.  

3. Sharp tool cut

If the skin is cut by a knife, scissors, glass, etc., you can use iodine-volt to disinfect the wound to prevent infection.If the finger is cut, should raise the hand high, pinch the root of both sides of the finger, can stop bleeding, with iodine or iodine and alcohol disinfection cut wounds, then with clean gauze wrapped.  

4. Scalp damage

If the wound is small, press on the skin around the wound to stop the bleeding.Then shave off or cut off the hair, thoroughly remove visible booties and foreign bodies, in the wound and around the application of disinfection liquid dressing;If the wound is large, you must go to the hospital debridement suture treatment.    

5. Minor burns and scalds

For mild burns and scalds, immediately rinse the injured area under running water or soak it in cold water to reduce local temperature and wound pain. The duration of this cold treatment is subject to the reduction of pain.If it is a large area of serious burns or burns must be immediately to the hospital treatment.

6.Mild frostbite

If the limb is slightly frostbitten, warm it quickly in warm water, generally no more than 40℃, to avoid scald has lost consciousness of the tissue.If it has been frozen for too long, it is best not to defrost immediately. It should be kept dry after cleaning and protected by a bandage or other material to allow it to thaw warm.You can also apply frostbite cream to frostbite areas.If frostbite is serious, you’d better go to the dermatology department of the hospital.    

In addition, if there is open trauma, especially deep wound, serious pollution, there is a risk of tetanus infection, the best to go to the hospital to inject tetanus antitoxin prevention. Finally, I would like to remind families with young children to prevent trauma.The knife in the family, cut, thermos bottle must be put in the place that the child cannot reach, also should teach the child not to play sharp thing at ordinary times, do not use mouth to contain chopsticks, Popsicle stick, candy stick to wait to play and run, lest accident falls, occurrence trauma.wound
3 Causes To Oral Ulcer And 3 Foods To Help Alleviate Ulcers

3 Causes To Oral Ulcer And 3 Foods To Help Alleviate Ulcers


It is believed that everyone has experienced mouth sores, and in severe cases, even unable to eat.In the life besides accidentally bite cut lip, ate too excitant food outside, what reason still causes often oral cavity ulcer?
1. Problems in immune function
If the body is immune dysfunction, the body will be attacked by external bacteria, may cause oral ulcers.In addition, most patients with oral ulcers also have varying degrees of diarrhea and constipation due to problems with the immune system.Common immune system diseases that can easily cause oral ulcer include behcet’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc. Want oneself to do not have oral ulcer, want to enhance oneself immunity above all, want immunity to become good only, oral ulcer just won’t relapse.
2. Sleep environment
The body detoxifies during sleep, and if you don’t sleep well, your liver’s ability to detoxify is disrupted, which can lead to an increase in toxins in your body.Once the person sleeps badly, the spirit of the next day won’t be very good, appear immunity drops thereby circumstance.So people who don’t sleep well often get canker sores.In fact, as long as not stay up late, to ensure a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, oral ulcer will soon be good.
3. Lack of necessary vitamins
Lack of vitamins, especially B vitamins, can affect body growth and can easily lead to mouth ulcers.Most canker sores are caused by vitamin B deficiency.Suggest the friend of oral cavity ulcer, notice at ordinary times compensatory vitamin, eat fruit and vegetable more.Such as the body does not lack these vitamins, oral ulcer natural good.    

Although oral ulcer is not a serious disease, but our daily diet, communication caused discomfort.Many oral ulcers are recurrent and difficult to treat.In fact, oral ulcer and our diet have a lot of work and rest, in order to prevent oral ulcer, we can pay more attention to diet. Usually, patients with oral ulcers can eat more of the following foods to relieve ulcers.
1. Tomatoes
Eating more tomatoes can relieve canker sores.Tomato contains rich vitamin and nutrient composition, can squeeze tomato juice into juice, tomato juice is contained in the affected place in oral cavity, food can clean oral cavity for many times, antiseptic disinfection, promote wound to heal quickly.Have the friend of oral cavity ulcer, might as well try!
2. The watermelon
Watermelon has clear heat detoxification, diuresis reduces the effect of heat.Long-term edible watermelon can prevent oral cavity ulcer effectively not only, still can compensatory vitamin and moisture, promote metabolism, enhance immunity.To the oral cavity ulcer that causes fire, watermelon juice has very tall remedial effect.Watermelon juice contained in the wound, several times a day, can alleviate pain, promote the rapid healing of oral ulcers.
3. Green bean and egg soup
Mung bean can clear heat detoxify, egg is rich in protein, mix both make mung bean egg flower soup, nutrition is more rich, facilitate human body to absorb.For people who often stay up late to eat spicy, oral ulcer is often appear, at this time if the consumption of mung bean egg soup, morning and evening, not only can clear the heat and go away, but also can timely relieve the pain of oral ulcer, help wound healing. Tips: do not lick mouth ulcers, to adhere to the daily mouthwash, keep the mouth clean, prevent infection.

Everything You Need To Know About Oral Ulcer Is Here!

Everything You Need To Know About Oral Ulcer Is Here!


Oral ulcer must have been experienced by everyone, but somehow there was one in the mouth, and that hurt! Oral ulcer is only caused by people, but it is usually caused by smoking, stress and anxiety, fruits with high acidity, internal friction in oral cavity, malnutrition and other reasons.   

You need to know that most oral ulcers are recurrent benign nuisances. For most people, oral ulcers will heal within two weeks. Acidic and spicy substances will aggravate oral ulcers. Any oral ulcer that has not healed within three weeks needs your attention!  

The standard oral ulcer usually appears on the inner cheek and lasts for about one week. It can heal itself without any treatment. Oral ulcer is divided into three types: large ulcer, small ulcer and herpetic ulcer.  
Herpetic ulcer: Herpetic ulcer is a subtype of oral ulcer, which is ulcer-like herpes. Small ulcer: The ulcer is about 2-8mm in size and will heal itself in about two weeks, with slight pain. Large ulcer: Large ulcer is slightly larger than small ulcer, has irregular shape, and is easier to penetrate into tissues.When it is good, it is likely to leave scars. Symptoms of large and small ulcers usually include one or more sores on cheeks, upper jaw, tongue and gum. Usually red or white round sores have irregular shapes.  
Some people will ask, is oral ulcer the precursor of oral canceration? Of course not! Oral ulcer and oral cancer are two different things!  
Oral ulcer has obvious pain, while oral cancer does not. Oral ulcer usually heals within two weeks, oral cancer does not, it will continue to split and spread; Plaque of oral cancer is coarser and harder. Oral cancer usually forms large red and white sores on the tongue and gum, but the sore of oral ulcer is not so big. When you have several ulcer wounds in your mouth, or the sore tends to spread, the duration exceeds 3 weeks. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital to find a doctor for diagnosis.  
There is no effective treatment for oral ulcer. We can reduce the degree of ulcer and avoid its aggravation by keeping the oral cavity clean and eating more vegetables and fruits.

After being scalded, the method of rapid treatment

After being scalded, the method of rapid treatment


When cooking, sometimes when the oil accidentally enters the water, it will be scalded by the spilled oil. I believe that the women who learn to cook will have the same experience as me in the early stage. after being scalded by the oil, it will hurt very much. generally, I will use my own methods to deal with it to prevent scars from scalding.


Treatment methods after injury include:
1. Immediately separate from the heat source and flush the wound with flowing tap water for half an hour to reduce the temperature of the affected part and prevent further damage;
2. If there are blisters on burns, do not remove the blisters to avoid infection.
3. For mild scald, scald ointment can be applied to the affected part. For severe scald, the patient should go to hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.The specific drug use should be combined with clinical practice and guided by the doctor’s face-to-face diagnosis.


How To Deal With Scald?

How To Deal With Scald?


Everyone has more or less experienced scalding. Scalding is a common situation in life. Many people do not know how to deal with skin scalding and some misconceptions about scalding. So the following article will introduce you to the emergency treatment of skin scalding.  

How to deal with scald

1. Rinse the woundwith tap water. No matter what kind of scald it is, we should lower the skin temperature and reduce further damage. Rinsing with water can also help us reduce pain. The wound did not break and soaked for about 10 minutes. If it is broken, it can’t be soaked to prevent infection. If the scalded area is too large, soak the whole body in the bathtub. You can also use a towel to moisten and apply it to areas that cannot be washed with water.
2. don’t try so hard to take off your clothes, so as not to tear blisters after scalding, you can rinse with water to cool down first, then carefully take off your clothes.
3. the correct treatment of blisters, if there are blisters burns, do you want to break the specific problem specific analysis, generally do not break, in order to avoid leaving scars, but sometimes blisters larger or in the joint is easy to damage the blisters need to use disinfection needle pierced, if the blisters have been broken, you need to use disinfection cotton swabs to dry the liquid around the blisters.
4. Dress with gauze. Apply some ointment to the scald. Dress with gauze. After a few days to see if there is any improvement, continue to apply some ointment. If infection is found in the wound, a doctor should be consulted.
5. protect the wound, scald place should avoid direct sunlight, wound after don’t touch the water, scald place also don’t too much activity, in order to avoid the wound and gauze friction, increase the wound healing time.
6. Treatment for third-grade scald. When the scald is too serious, clean gauze shall be used to cover or expose the third-grade scald, and then the scald shall be quickly sent to hospital for medical treatment. No drugs shall be applied on the wound surface.  


The first injury or scald only damages the skin surface, with slight local redness, no blisters and obvious pain. immediately remove the clothing and socks, soak the wound surface in cold water for half an hour, and then rub the wound surface with sesame oil and vegetable oil. Second-degree injuries and scalds are dermal injuries, local swelling and pain, and blisters of different sizes. Large blisters can be treated with disinfection needles to break the edge of the blisters and then bandaged with scald ointment. The tightness should be moderate. Third-degree injuries and scalds are subcutaneous, fat, muscle and bone are all damaged and are gray or reddish brown. At this time, clean cloth should be applied to wrap the wound surface and send it to hospital in time. Do not apply amethyst or ointment on the wound surface, which will affect the observation and treatment of the disease. For patients with severe injury or scald, shock or respiratory or cardiac arrest may occur during transfer, and artificial respiration or external cardiac massage shall be performed immediately. When the wounded are upset and thirsty, they can take a small amount of hot tea or light saline water. They must never take a large amount of boiled water in a short period of time, resulting in brain edema in the wounded.  

Fire and water burns

The principle of fire and water scald treatment is to first remove the heat source, quickly leave the scene, and use various fire extinguishing methods, such as water immersion, water drenching, lying down and tumbling on the spot, immediately take off wet clothes or cut them, drench them with water, and soak the limbs in cold water until the pain disappears. You can also cover the wound with a wet towel or sheet and spray cold water upwards. Don’t break blisters. Fire and water scald can be divided into first degree scald (erythema, red skin and burning tingling sensation), second degree scald (blistering, blistering on affected part) and third degree scald (necrotizing, peeling off skin). For minor burns in a small area, treatment can be carried out at home. After cleaning the wound surface, Jingwanhong and MEBO Wetting Burn Ointment can be applied externally. For extensive burns, it is advisable to send them to hospital for treatment as soon as possible. The treatment of scalded wounds is the most important. First, the hair in and around the wound area should be shaved off, and the excessively long nails should be cut off. Healthy skin around the wound surface is washed with soapy water and clear water, and then scrubbed and disinfected with 0.1% benzalkonium bromide or 75% alcohol. The wound surface was washed with isotonic saline to remove foreign bodies and dirt on the wound surface. Protect small blisters from damage. Large blisters can be pumped out with an empty injection needle, or they can be sheared off at a low position to release the blisters. In case of broken blisters or serious pollution, the blisters shall be cut off, and the wound surface shall be gently rolled with gauze, covered with a layer of liquid paraffin gauze or thin layer of vaseline gauze, plus multiple layers of degreased gauze and cotton pad, and bandaged with bandage under uniform pressure. Scald can also be treated with bandaging therapy and exposure therapy. Burns are often complicated by infection, so antibiotics should be added and tetanus antitoxin can be injected.  

Mistakes after scalding

1. No pain after burn and scald means that the scald is not serious. On the contrary, the less painful the wound feels, the more serious the injury. Because boiling water or open fire first damages the skin epidermis, then to the middle layer of the skin, and the pain nerve is damaged, you will not feel pain. Therefore, if you feel no pain at all, it means that the degree of burns may be very serious, and deep tissues have been damaged, and you should go to a specialist for treatment in time. If it hurts very much, then don’t worry too much, the injury is not as bad as your pain.
2. Apply soy sauce after burn and scald Soy sauce cannot be applied after burns and scalds. Firstly, soy sauce contains salts, which will dehydrate and contract wound cells and aggravate the damage. Secondly, soy sauce is not sterile. If it is not treated further, it may cause infection. Thirdly, the dark brown color of soy sauce covered the wound surface, which affected doctors’ judgment on the depth of the wound surface. Therefore, after burns and scalds, rinse with cold water and do not apply other substances, such as salad oil, soy sauce, cooling oil, green ointment, etc. You should go to a specialized hospital and use truly effective drugs for burns and scalds under the guidance of doctors.
3. Picking out blisters after burns and scalds It depends on the situation. The blisters formed by scalding with boiled water are sterile and the epidermis is not damaged. If the blisters are not large, they do not need to be torn. On the one hand, bacteria are not easy to invade and infection is not easy to occur because the integrity of the skin is maintained. On the other hand, skin preservation can protect the wound surface. However, if the blister is too large, the pain is obvious, and the protein may coagulate, then a sterile needle stick should be used to break the blister, squeeze out the water in the blister, and cover the blister skin as it is. A better method is to use biological dressing. At this time, the necrotic epidermis is completely removed. After cleaning and disinfection, the biological dressing is covered. This method greatly reduces the infection rate and greatly reduces the pain of dressing change.
4. Rinse the wound with Chinese liquor after burn and scald Many people think that liquor has the function of disinfection, so it will be widely used after injury. If the wound surface skin is not broken, the volatilization of alcohol in liquor will take away heat and have a certain cooling effect. If applied when the skin is broken, it will not benefit the wound. It will not only aggravate the pain, but also deepen the wound. Large-scale application may also cause alcoholism through absorption of the wound.
5. Ice immediately after burn and scald High temperature can damage skin, and low temperature can also cause damage. After burns and scalds, the damaged skin has lost the protection of the epidermis and cannot be directly iced to avoid frostbite. Immediately flush with mild, flowing cold water for 30 minutes, or until it does not hurt.
6. Apply ointment immediately after burn and scald Applying ointment will allow heat energy to coat the skin and continue to damage the skin. Flushing water immediately to cool down is the correct way to deal with it. Conclusion: When scalds occur, many people panic and don’t know how to deal with them. Some people fall into the mistaken idea of dealing with scalds and eventually lead to infection. Friends who don’t know how to deal with them can look at the treatment methods in the article. Don’t let their scalds become more serious.

Dermlin Wound Healing Dressing: Good News For Residual Wounds!

Dermlin Wound Healing Dressing: Good News For Residual Wounds!


With the development of society, open fractures caused by modern high-speed tools, construction site accidents, natural disasters and wars are increasing, which has become a common and frequent disease in traumatic orthopedics. Due to the thin coverage of most open fractures, high degree of wound contamination and poor regeneration of wound surface, the wound is prone to infection or tissue necrosis. In severe cases, local skin defects and corresponding joint dysfunction can be caused, and the treatment is difficult .The traditional dressing change method usually adopts the traditional dressing. The traditional dressing design concept in the past mainly acts as a barrier and absorbs the exudation of wound surface, thus promoting the drying and scab of wound surface. However, the dry wound can aggravate the nerve ending of the wound surface and aggravate the patient’s pain. Meanwhile, the traditional dressing can dehydrate the tissue cells of the wound surface and affect the growth of wound granulation and the regeneration of epithelium. Moreover, once the granulation tissue grows into the mesh of dressing, it will easily damage the newly formed granulation tissue when the dressing is pulled, leading to bacterial invasion, wound infection, fat liquefaction and other conditions, which will affect wound healing .  

Dermlin wound healing dressing is a new type of dressing product for the prevention and treatment of skin wound. The nanostructure design increases the surface area of the dressing, enhances the adsorption function and increases the bacteriostatic biological characteristics. It contains six kinds of inorganic elements, similar to inorganic elements in human body, which can better regulate wound cell function and wound healing environment. Currently, the clinical Dermlin wound healing dressing is mainly applied to the nursing care of some difficult wound healing, such as the burn wound , bedsore, diabetic ulcer and other diseases.

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How To Choose Dermlin Series

How To Choose Dermlin Series


1. Dermlin powder is more suitable for wet wounds.

2. Dermlin powder spray is more suitable for large and wet wounds. Since it is convenient for application.
3. Dermlin paste is more suitable for dry wounds or the chronic wounds with a little exudation.
4. Dermlin dressing is more suitable for surgical incision.

Wound Care Products

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DERMLIN® Wound Healing Series Products Description

DERMLIN® Wound Healing Series Products Description


Device Common Name: Wound Healing Dressings
Trade Name: Dermlin
Wound Healing Powder, Wound Healing Paste, Wound Healing Powder    Spray, Wound Healing Dressing
Device Description: Wound Healing Dressings are divided into four presentations (powder, paste, powder spray, and dressing). The main ingredients of the four types are the same, and differences are only existed for different presentations. For technical and clinical sides, the four types have no differences, and these differences are for commercial needs only. Wound healing powder consists of inorganic elements, such as calcium, silicon. Wound healing paste is mainly composed of powder type plus white vaseline and medical liquid paraffin. Wound healing powder spray is mainly composed of powder type and propellants of 134a. Wound healing dressing is mainly composed of paste type and medical gauze or spunlace nonwoven. It is indicated for treatments and faster healing of the acute skin wounds caused by scraping, heat, burn, or cut, etc., and for the chronic skin wounds caused by diabetes and long-term bedsore. It does not contain any biological additives or drugs. Intended Use: It is used for the fast healing of acute skin wounds caused by scraping, heat, burn, or cut, etc., and for the chronic skin wounds caused by diabetes and long-term bedsore.  
Classification: IIb (Rule 4, Annex IX, MDD 93/42/EEC)
Conformity Assessment Procedure: MDD 93/42/EEC, Annex II

Dermlin Wound Healing Dressing Dermlin Wound Healing Powder Spray

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The Honor Of Our Products

The Honor Of Our Products


Dermlin wound healing dressings are listed in the National 863 Key Program, at the same time, it was listed as a demonstration project of China’s biomedical high-tech industrialization project by the National Development and Reform Commission. The company has a world-class production environment and equipment, and the production workshop is constructed in strict accordance with GMP standards. Production equipment is imported from the United States, Britain, Italy and other countries according to international standards. The company passed the inspection of medical device production quality management standards of national and provincial food and drug administrations. Among them, Dermlin wound healing dressing passed the EU CE certification, Ulceloocin oral ulcer patch passed the EU CE certification and the US FDA certification.


Under the support of the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Nanjing Military Region, the company was approved by the National Economic Action Office. In August 2007, the company established the first national-level mobilization center in Jiangsu Province, the Skin Wound First Aid Mobilization Center. Source:https://www.yenssenbiotech.com/menu/wound-care.html
How Scar Tissue Is Formed And How To Prevent Scars

How Scar Tissue Is Formed And How To Prevent Scars


During skin collagen fiber repair process, hyperplastic fibroblasts and granulation tissue will be fibrosis, and after deposition, scars are formed.

scar formation

1. The principle of scar formation

Firstly, let's comprehend details of skin: The skin is made up of a number of different functional cells, they all live in extracellular matrix(ECM). And in ECM, there are a variety of tissue proteins. Collagen secreted by fibroblasts is one of the tissue proteins, it can support the cells and make the skin smooth and flexible. when the skin is injured, the organizational structure of the collagen fibers was broken, the skin will start repair progress. A scar is formed during the repair progress of collagen fibers. In detail, wound healing is divided into four steps: blood clotting (hemostasis), inflammation, tissue growth (proliferation) and tissue remodeling (maturation).
1.blood clotting (hemostasis): when the occurrence of skin damage, platelets will immediately gather in the damaged parts of the blood vessels, activate collagen to bind platelets and thrombosis, blocking blood vessel rupture in place to help blood clotting. At this time, a layer of collagen matrix is formed around the thrombus, we will find that our wounds are no longer bleeding.

2.Inflammation: Immune cells engulf pathogens such as necrotic cells and bacterial. We will see the wound is red and accompanied by a small amount of scab.

3. Tissue growth (proliferation): Platelets secrete growth factors to promote cell division and proliferation, the secretion of growth factors promotes the granulation tissue and myofibroblasts continue to proliferate, stretch the wound. A scar is formed at this step.

4.Tissue remodeling (maturation): During maturation and remodeling, collagen is realigned along tension lines, and cells that are no longer needed are removed by programmed cell death or apoptosis.

In fact, properly handled wounds will not leave any obvious traces, the wound will slowly be replaced by a new organization.

However, if in inflammation step, wound repeated infection, it will continuously stimulate the secretion of growth factors, fibroblasts and granulation tissue will be hyperplasia, disorderly collagen fibers are rearranged, excessive proliferation of fibroblasts and granulation tissue will be fibrosis, and after deposition, scars are formed.


2. Prevent scar formation: the correct wound treatment methods

According to the above scar formation process, We can notice that there are two main points to prevent scar formation: Reduce the incidence of inflammation and shorten the healing time. So that prevent fibroblasts and bean sprouts from hyperplasia.

So, how should the correct handling of a wound, reduce the chance of scar appear?

  1. Quickly clean the wound with the correct method

We need to clean the wound quickly after the injury to avoid infection. Because of infection, it will certainly lengthen the period of inflammation.

Specific methods: We can use the tweezers with alcohol disinfection remove the visible stone or other debris firstly, then wipe the wound with water or saline, then, sterilize with a cotton swab dipped in iodophor. Note! There is no need to use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or iodine.

If the skin is deeply pierced, cannot stop bleeding or you can see fat, muscle, or internal tendons ligaments or bones or the wound was torn or jagged and so on. Don't hesitate to find a doctor for help!

  1. Keep the wound moist

Use Vaseline or keep the wound moist and can shorten the healing time of the wound and prevent excessive scab.

  1. Properly wrap the wound

Use Dermlin wound dressing can prevent infection and promote wound healing, so that can reduce the formation of scars. The specially designed structure can rapidly absorb the blood and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Active ingredients can promote healing and growth of granulation tissue.

wound healing  

3. Precautions

First, do not rub the wound repeatedly, even if it has begun to heal. As the wound heals, you may have an itchy feeling, do not use hand or with a towel and other things rubbing itch this timeNew organizations are sensitive and fragile, repeated friction can cause telangiectasia, cell proliferation and increased scar risk.

At the same time, sun exposure should be avoided. UV in the sun will slow down the wound healing process and stimulates cells to produce pigments, leading to pigmentation. Even if the wound has been healed, but also smear sunscreen, protect the fragile new skin.

In the diet,  avoid drinking, smoking and spicy food. These will slow the wound healing rate, will also significantly promote fiber proliferation and some inflammatory response, leading to the formation of scars.

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How To Deal With Open Wounds

How To Deal With Open Wounds


Clean wounds using cold water. Compress the wounds using cleaning accessories to stop bleeding. Iodophor is the most suitable choice for disinfectant, it is not necessary for small and clean wounds. Also, it is not necessary to use antibiotic ointment. For large wound, it needs to be covered by sterile dressings. For deep wound, sterile dressings are needed to be replaced regularly. Other potions must be prescribed.

1. Detailed progress

Trauma caused by shallow wound needs to be clean, can rinse the wound with cold water firstly.

shallow wound

Compress the wounds using a clean dressing for a small amount of bleeding. For a healthy people, it is able to stop bleeding for small wounds commonly. No need to use hemostatic powder, it may make the wound more difficult to clean up.  As a foreign body, it may increase the risk of the scar. Generally, it is no special benefits for healing. If cannot stop bleeding after compressed the wound for a period of time, ask a doctor for help.

small wounds

Next, you can with outward from the center. Some experts think, it is no need to use strong irritant disinfectant disinfection, but they support the opinion that using a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the wound.

disinfectant disinfection

Then,  such as sterile gauze or band-aid. For deep wound, sterile dressings are needed to be replaced regularly.  It is no need to replace the dressing, or even no need to cover the dressing for tiny wounds.

sterile gauze

After the wound scab, do not remove it.


2. Introduction of medicine

【Iodine】It needs to use alcohol deiodination after using Iodine. Otherwise, there will be significant corrosive. Usually, it is used in surgical disinfection. It is not suitable for the general wound treatment. 【Alcohol】It is pain when doing disinfection. 【Hydrogen peroxide】Commonly used in deep wound debridement, it has a better effect on anaerobic bacteria. However, deep wounds are recommended to the hospital for treatment. It may require debridement suture, and prevent tetanus. 【Iodophor】small corrosive, safe, not need to do deiodination, can be used for mucosa. Good choice.

Disinfection is unnecessary if the wound is clean. Using a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the wound is feasible. It can keep the wound clean and moist, isolated from the surrounding environment. Of course, with a layer of sterile dressings on the wound will be more secure.


3. Factors affecting wound healing

For common wounds, replace the dressing regularly, keep the wound clean, create a good self-repair external conditions. That is enough. It is no need for special drugs. However, for the wound does not heal for a long period of time or patients who may have infection require special dressings, like Dermlin. The main principle is to sterilize against infection and promote healing. Wound healing is closely related to a person's age and the basic health status. For those people which are elder or diabetes, they need the help of the drugs to speed up skin healing rates and promote cell division.

DERMLIN® Wound Healing Series Products

Dermlin® is a patented innovative wound healing dressing approved clinically by world-renowned clinicians for fast healing of skin wounds.

wound healing dressing